Blondes Aren’t That Stupid After All! Just Ask Hillary…

Have you heard the joke about why the blonde climbed the chain link fence?

Why is it that blonde jokes are acceptable, but others that ridicule a certain class of people aren’t?

Is it because only blondes have a sense of humor and are secure in their identity? Or is it that they are the only fair game in town and we need some scapegoat to pin these funny jokes on?

But what is interesting, is that blondes know the joke is really on everyone else.

Take the First Lady . . . Hillary Clinton for example. She is blonde, but she is the one having the last laugh on the entire state of New York.

She has convinced them that even though she has never lived there, bought groceries, sent kids to school, voted, held office, held a job, or paid taxes, in that state, that she, above anyone else from that state, would best represent them.

So a blonde is finally having the last laugh at the expense of everyone else.

She, single-handedly has changed the paradigm for all blondes and hopefully we will see an end to these very extremist, bigoted, hateful, blondophobish jokes. Or not.

By the way . . . the blonde climbed the chain link fence to see what was on the other side.