Can a Leopard Change its Stripes? Ask Al Gore

The Democratic Leadership Council wants Al Gore to pretend to be more moderate and to ignore his liberal base. It sounds as though they have been talking to the Republicans.

It must be a party conspiracy to disenfranchise both wings from their parties and pretend to be moderate… just for a season. With the Republican party… that is not difficult. They have been playing that role for eight years now. But for the Democrats to suddenly “pretend” to be moderate when all the indicators point to the contrary is a little duplicitous.

If the plan of both parties is to ignore their bases and play to the middle of the road, the two bases have a few options. They can take their marbles and go home. They can stick with their parties, and chosen candidates, and play the game by their rules… or they can begin educating people in the middle and make a real difference.

Everyone gets one vote, however, they have the power to influence thousands more. But don’t leave it to the candidates. No one, even in middle America, will believe that Al Gore is a moderate… unless it is repeated enough.