Hate Crimes Could be Solved With Love Acts Taught By the Author of Love

The federal government is trying to create yet one more dilemma for Americans.

Some in the current Administration are insisting that hate crimes legislation be passed that broaden that description. Others argue that all assault is a hate crime and it’s redundant to have a special category for them. But you can’t legislate against hate, no matter how many bills you pass.

The solution to preventing these hate crimes from occurring has been rejected and banned by the same government. The manual that explains clearly how we should all treat one another, with love, respect and honor . . . has been banished from schools and public places. The laws given, by God himself, that tell us to love one another, are forbidden to be posted. The person who exemplifies perfect love and has changed even the blackest heart is outlawed from being mentioned.

So the solution to solving crimes of hate is not to redefine them with inflammatory, politically correct words . . . the solution is to try and change that hate into love in the hearts of man.

The manual by the way is the Bible, and the man who continues to teach us to love . . . is Jesus.