Linda Tripp is the One Being Betrayed… by the Judicial System

Have you heard the news? Lady Justice has just had laser surgery on her eyes. She is no longer blind. Actually… she got the surgery just before the impeachment hearings of President Clinton.

Although he classifies lying under oath as defending the Constitution, there are American citizens who served time in jail for the exact same crime of perjury under the exact same conditions.

Remember when we learned of members of congress taking a private, recorded conversation, between two other members of congress, when NEITHER knew they were being recorded… and using it against them? Nothing was said or done about this illegal and highly unethical activity.

Now Linda Tripp is being tried for protecting herself and taping her own conversations while the court is making Clinton look like the victim. The blind fold has not only slipped off the eyes of Lady Justice… it has fallen around her neck and is strangling our judicial process.

This is a dark day in our American history when a citizen is prosecuted for bringing truth to the light.