The Head of the Cow and the French Fries

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Some Animals . . . (small humanoids excluded from that group), are trying to make an impact. They have produced large bill boards, aimed at fast food chains. They show the severed head of a cow next to a bag of french fries, and ask if it looks appetizing.

Most people I know who field-dress their game can do it with a sandwich in one hand and knife in the other. Every butcher, cattle farmer, veterinarian, doctor, forensics expert, Hollywood producer . . .has seen worse than that. Even children exposed to violent video games would not be shocked or stunned by the presence of a cow’s head next to a bag of fries in an ad.

But what is confusing, and a bit shocking is that these people don’t even know what part of the cow is eaten. Sure, some might eat the brains, but the best part is the tenderloin area. That very lean, tender side of the cow that is so highly priced.

Maybe to really make the point though, they should show a picture of a baby being partially delivered and then murdered as it is hanging out of the birth canal. Now that sight, next to bag of fries, might get the message across that we should not be cruel to animals.

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