The License Tags in Florida . . .

Choose Life are Offensive … So Choose Death Wouldn’t Be?

There was a controversy in Florida over allowing a license plate that said, “Choose Life.” Apparently it was considered offensive by people who tried to get it censored.

You know, the same people who drive around in designer cars with those little bumper stickers that say, “don’t censure the arts”, “Buchanan is a Fascist” and “no Internet blocking in libraries”. But what is offensive about Choosing life?

Would they be happier if it read, choose a gun? Choose a cigarette? Choose a knife, drugs, death or mayhem?

This really is not a controversial word … this word “life.” We all tend to cling to it rather tenaciously. But when you pair it up with the politically exploited word “choose”… it becomes lethal.

But it’s all relative.

If you ask someone from FSU, which they would rather have on their car. .. a “Choose Life” license plate or a “Go Gators” license plate, they would choose “life” every time. But I think what is really at the heart of this controversy is just plain old fashioned jealousy.

The pro-abortion people are upset that no one wants to drive around with a license plate that says… choose abortion, death, murder or infanticide.