The Truman Show

Do you remember the movie, The Truman Show? The main character, Truman, was raised in a town created by a producer who broadcast his every move 24 hours a day.

Truman’s world was designed by the producer to be idyllic . . and controlled by the producer.

He would make the news fit the unplanned events of the day with outrageous explanations that Truman always accepted.

Until one day he started questioning what was on the news. He knew there was more truth than he was receiving. And the minute he began to question, or doubt the “reality” that had been created around him . . . everyone turned on him.

I am surprised daily by how many Trumans listen to this commentary. Some people actually think I make this stuff up because they have not heard it on the evening news, or on CNN. But that’s the point of the commentaries . . . to break you out of the producer-created reality and into the real world.

It was hard for Truman to believe his whole life had been a lie . . . but when he did . . . he went forward not back. I am glad that many of you are taking that first step to discovering a world beyond the mainstream media. This is Nina May challenging you to keep asking questions.