What Happens When Different Religious Sects Celebrate Their Holy Days?

The end of the millennium, century, decade, year has many speculating that it is a ripe season for terrorists attacks . . . for one reason or another.

But what is interesting is that all attention seems to be directed at the Muslim fundamentalists around the world, with specific emphasis on Osama Bin Laden . . .remember . .. . Clinton’s foil during his impeachment escapades?

But it all seems to receive a big yawn from the potential victims of such terrorists attacks. They say, Oh yes, the Jihad group, the torch and burn, strap explosives to the body group . . .whatever.

It is almost as though we have come to recognize and accept that there are religious fanatics of a specific faith who have made a life mission of destroying the heathen infidel. But heaven forbid, if that same infidel put a nativity scene on public property . . . or mention the name of Jesus in a public work place, or pray in a public school.

The anti-religious crowd should be thankful that the only thing Christians do during their holy days is stimulate the economy and sing some really neat songs. Now tell me again why the Christians are the ones who are intolerant?