When the Wall of Separation Has Holes, the Whole Thing is Bound to Fall Down

At the end of Ramadan last week, the State Department hosted its first Iftar, which is a dinner that breaks the religious fast.

Madeleine Albright joined the dinner and asked “how can anyone apply a stereotype to a quarter of the globe’s people?”

It’s not hard Madeleine, Christians are stereotyped all the time as being intolerant, hateful, and bigoted. She also noted that the State Department needed to be more active in recruiting American Muslims for posts at that agency.

At the same time however, President Clinton is characterizing the Southern Baptists as an organization that “perpetuates ancient religious hatred.”

Now clearly, there is no wall of separation between church and state at the State Department for Muslims, but there is blatant hostility toward a Christian sect, identifying it as “being intolerant.”

If the government embraces one religion, supporting its sacraments, recruiting from within its ranks… then surely this should be the standard for all religions… even the ones labeled as intolerant.

Why does that wall only come down on special occasions, for a select few? This is Nina May, just asking for a little consistency from our leaders.