Who is More Dangerous? Christians or the People Who Hate Them?

Do hate crimes apply to people who silence sincerely held religious beliefs?

Like the situation in Chicago where they don’t want the Baptists to hold their convention because they think they might foment hate speech? So now the Bible is hate speech? Can you see where this is going?

But what’s interesting is, that it seems to be a forgotten point that the murders in Columbine and Wedgewood Baptist were motivated by hate against Christians.

The shootings in the Bible Class in Tennessee were motivated by hate against the Bible believers. The church in London, where ten members were attacked by a sword-wielding man, during a church service . .. .certainly wasn’t motivated by bad singing.

It seems as though there are far more instances where Christians are being targeted for persecution, death, and execution, than any other group these days, yet they are suspect as fomenting hate.

If the government really intends to target a certain group for persecution, then be honest about it. Don’t claim it is that group that is causing the problem… That is double speak at it’s best.