Why is There Such an Attack On the Virtue of Our Young, By Adults?

Jocelyn Elders wants us to legalize prostitution because she says we have trained our young girls to be virgins and our young men to be studs.

She must be living in a time warp. The training today is to show young girls how to put contraceptives on their partners, and show young men how to embrace homosexuality as a preferred lifestyle. In fact, she was opposed to the idea of teaching abstinence in school. She insisted that AIDS training, contraceptive distribution and alternative lifestyles be taught to young kids when she was Surgeon General.

You can’t teach AIDs training, which is really a manual on sexual experimentation, without making a huge assumption that young kids are going to be sexually active.

So who are these virgins she is talking about? They are the modern-day revolutionaries who are challenging this status quo. They are the radicals wanting real love, not free love.  They want commitment and purity, not an endless search for intimacy.

They are the ones who hopefully will train the next generation that the lies of the adults today should be ignored and challenged tomorrow.