A Glimpse of Love From Both Sides of Heaven . . . We will Miss Bud Zumwalt

When an era passes, it is not marked by nines turning to zeros, it is marked by the passing of a hero.

Admiral Elmo Zumwalt was a true pioneer whose character was reflected in his instincts for justice, integrity, and honor. Many remember him as the Commander of the Naval forces in Vietnam where the tragedy of the war touched him personally in the death of his son.

But what I remember most about him was his commitment to those he cherished. I love the story of how he met Mousa, his wife of over 54 years, in Shanghai. She was Russian and he was a young American Lieutenant. The only language they shared was love. He said it was her smile that captivated him and three weeks later they were married.

They remained steadfastly devoted to each other for over half a century and their love story surpasses time, distance, language and nationality.

I will miss Bud and his incredible sense of humor, but the look of adoration and love, that he always gave his bride, is what I will miss most. Because it symbolized for me, the purest model of Christ’s unconditional love for His bride.

So Bud, thank you for giving us a glimpse of eternity.