Are You Able to Recognize Fascism When You See it?

I remember watching the Sound of Music as a young girl and being caught up in the politics of the film.  Nice songs, cute dancing… great matching outfits… but the setting of the movie was chilling.

Life seemed pretty great for the Von Trapps… until people start telling them what to believe and what flag to display in front on their home.

I remember burning with anger as a young girl, seeing some stranger come to his home, trying to intimidate him about flying the Austrian flag, as opposed to the Nazi flag of Germany. I’m not Austrian… so it must have been the principle that upset me.

What is so poignant is that Sybil Peachlove of York, Pennsylvania, is experiencing the same thing at the hands of the City officials. She has been told she can not display the flag of her religious faith in front of her home. What harm was it doing the Germans to have this man display the flag of his nationality, in his own country, in front of his home? What harm is it doing the City of York, to have Sybil display a flag, in front of her own home, which simply says . . . Jesus is Alive?

The similarities are very chilling.