By Whose Definition is Better… Better?

There was a very interesting law suit recently that makes you long for the days when we pondered what is… “is”.

Federal Magistrate William Sanderson, decided that he knows best what “better” means. This very subjective word, that is used in everything from the Oscars to the Miss America pageant, is now a tangible, definable word that is not allowed even in the most personal of opinions.

Apparently, Pizza Hut is offended that Papa John has declared their pizza to be “better” because of its ingredients. But a judge, who must prefer Pizza Hut pizza, said that Papa Johns could not say they were “better” any more, and awarded Pizza Hut $468,000. But what if the consumer thinks it is? Does that matter?

What if taste tests were done and even one person said it was better than Pizza Hut’s pizza would that matter? The point is, why should the government — in any form – be defining taste for consumers?

Obviously many people think it is better otherwise they would choose the other pizzas when offered a choice. So I think we should all go to Papa John’s and decide for ourselves if their pizza really is better than the competition. Let us know what you think after tasting their pizza.

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