Christians Should Accept Anyone Who Accepts Christ . . . No Matter Who They Are!

A number of people have asked what I think about Jane Fonda’s conversion to Christianity. Some are suspicious about it being real. But in light of the current social status, where Christians are the only group it is fashionable to discriminate against . .. why would someone pretend to join it?

What would she have to gain by telling everyone she had become a member of society’s least respected group of people. She isn’t running for anything, and it has certainly alienated her from people she cares about. It has to be real for a number of reasons. God loves everyone and accepts them just where they. All men are redeemable … no matter what they have done … take Saul of Tarsus, whose redemption and conversion brought about the writing and spreading of the Gospel around the world.

God loves Jane Fonda as much as those who have condemned her. God loves making a statement. But most of all … God answers prayers. Many of us have been praying for her, and Ted for years…

So, I rejoice at her conversion and pray that all believers join in that rejoicing . . . and refrain from second guessing whether it is real or not.