If Christians Were So Intolerant… There Wouldn’t Be Any Other Religions in America Today

If you read the writings of George Washington, there is constant reference to the United States being a Christian nation, ordained by God as such.

Should we have a “do over” and really apply the precepts of the founding fathers, who established this as a Christian nation, and say no other religions allowed? You know… real intolerance?

Like many countries in the world that have a state-sponsored religion where opposing beliefs are not allowed and practitioners are punished, or worse. If the United States had stayed within the strict precepts paradigm, then no one of another faith would ever have been allowed to immigrate… and it would be purely Christian today.

In spite of what many would have us believe, that is not what Christianity is all about. The biggest accusation you can level against it, is that it is too tolerant, too open, too accepting of different ideas and beliefs because guess what?  That is the nature of Christ.

Remember, He was the guy who hung with the tax collectors and prostitutes, and condemned the religious hypocrites? That is the paradigm of Christianity and to embrace Christ means to embrace, and love, the whole world.