Intelligence is No Excuse For Missing the Truth

The scribes, pharisees, and Sadducees were all learned men who spent their entire lives transcribing and translating the scriptures. They were the most intelligent men of their times and their main goal was to interpret the prophecies to determine when the Messiah was coming. And although the prophecies were clear that His birth and life would be humble . . .their intelligence misled them into believing he would come as the conquering hero to save them from bondage by the Romans.

So as smart, prepared, read and intelligent as they were . . . when their Messiah did come . . . not only did they not recognize or receive him . . .they nailed him to a cross.

This is not a judgement on the learned men of that time, it is just an observation that many times our intellect can be the enemy of our heart. If we are not open to hear the ever present, non-linear voice of God . . . to interpret His word for us, we will miss the message . . . big time. It is interesting that more and more Jews are accepting Christ as their savior because they have learned to read the scriptures with their hearts . .. and not their heads.

The truth was there all along . .. but now “they have eyes to see, and ears to hear,” as Christ said.