Let’s Test the Village Theory and Move our Votes to New York… to Help Hillary of Course

This election cycle could be very interesting. It could be Hillary’s village experiment actualized. She has changed the paradigm of national and state politics, and I have an idea that will test that new paradigm.

Why doesn’t everyone, who knows their vote won’t count in their home state, move to New York for a season and really become involved in national politics? After all, we are becoming a one-world government. Why not carry that theme to the country?

If anyone can choose a state to run from without living there… why shouldn’t voters be allowed to vote in a state, without living there? Let the whole country get involved in the New York race.

This is the village that Hillary talks about… Shouldn’t everyone from around the country be a part of this global/national experiment?

Now of course she and the democrats can’t complain if a few republicans decide to change their voting address to New York and she happens to get defeated. But those are the chances you take when you start pulling up political roots and pretending you are from one state when you really aren’t.

Yes, this could be a very interesting election year. This is Nina May, at ninamay.com, with my eye on Manhattan.