Liberals Thrive on Conforming … To NON-Conformity – But Still Miss the Point!

It is amazing to me how liberals can actually look themselves in the mirror and not either burst out laughing or die of shame.

Middle America is told that they should not be shocked, amazed, or disturbed by men doing all kinds of tortuous things to each other, their pets or livestock.

We are supposed to be nonplused and accepting of every perversion known to man on the Internet and in periodicals, plus make it available to everyone to see.

We are supposed to be avant guard about self-mutilation, and the by-product of bodily functions… But suddenly… we are supposed to be SHOCKED and outraged when a baseball player, John Rocker, thinks that someone with purple hair is odd.

We are supposed to censor and send him to the shrink because he thinks a young unmarried women of twenty shouldn’t be having kids out of wedlock.

And although we are supposed to be very upset by the recent outbreak of tuberculosis, we are to be more upset that this man even mentions the spread of AIDS which is life threatening.

Now… if I have missed something here… will someone please tell me at, because when I look at myself in the mirror . . . I don’t want to see a hypocrite staring back.