The Future of Free Speech is Directly Related to Who is in the White House

Imagine you are standing in a check-out line at a store, having a conversation with your spouse and someone overhears it, disagrees with you, calls the police, has you arrested… and it is perfectly legal.

Absurd you say? Well not if the conversation was about abortion, you are pro-life and the eavesdropper is pro-choice. And not if the Supreme Court fails to overturn a Colorado State statute that criminalizes free speech if the topic is abortion.

It is referred to as the “floating bubble zone” case or Hill vs. Colorado. This law actually says that a pro-life person cannot even have a conversation with a pro-choice person without their permission, if they are less than eight feet away.

The purpose was to protect women outside abortion clinics from being assaulted. But we already have assault laws. The First Amendment makes no guarantees that you will agree with what someone says… but it does ensure that you have the right to say it.

For those who think the next President doesn’t matter . .. watch the decisions and the outcome of this case . . . and then decide. Your freedoms may be one vote away from being terminated. And that one vote could be decided by the next President.

Think about it . . . we are at