Was the Millennium Hype Real? . . . will we ever know? . . .does it matter?

The millennium turnover came and went without a hitch.

Were those accurate compliance charts for major cities … indicating that at least one major utility would malfunction?

Over $200 billion dollars was spent around the world to ensure compliance when the clocks turned all those nines into zeros.

There are many theories circulating as to why the panic …everything from allowing more government access into our personal lives, to the major networks ensuring that everyone stayed home to watch their shows on New Year’s eve.

But what if there really was a problem that the billions of dollars and thousands of man hours solved? Shouldn’t we be thankful instead of complaining that nothing happened? When hurricanes miraculously switch directions in mid-swirl, everyone blames the weathermen for bad reporting, instead of thanking God for answered prayers.

It is easy to be cynical on the first day of the new year with lights, heat, T.V., Internet still functioning the same. But what if nothing had been done? Would the world be different today?

This is Nina May . .. thankful to have heat, light and water, hoping you feel the same. Let us know at ninamay.com.