Why is a Woman’s Right to Privacy Negotiable … Depending on Who Wants to Invade It?

The Attorney General’s office of Colorado, has bought into the sexist, discriminating, homosexual agenda.. They say that a man … who dresses as a woman, has a right to use the ladies’ room.

Does that include a peeping Tom, rapist, or any man who decides to put on a dress and invade the privacy of women in her private space?

The homosexual movement has become a very clever excuse to destroy women’s rights and the gains they have made.

But the real inconsistency is that this office will stand firmly behind the Supreme Court decision to allow a woman to have an abortion . . . based on a penumbra . . .or shadow of the law …. that says her right to privacy supercedes the right for that child to be born.

Shouldn’t that same right to privacy supercede the right of some guy in a dress, pretending to be a woman, to invade that privacy?

Why is the right to murder an unborn child in the woman’s best interest but her interests are ignored in other areas of privacy?

Women have become the expendable pawns of the abortion industry and the homosexual community, who are determined to destroy everything sacred to them, from their marriage, to their family, to their unborn children. If you agree .. .or not… let us know at ninamay.com.