You Can’t Teach What You Don’t Know . . . But You CAN Distort it!

The Bible really can’t be taught in public schools because it is meaningless when approached from an intellectual perspective. The true meaning can only be discovered through revelation knowledge, not by applying man’s understanding to it.

Why else do you always find atheists who teach in Seminaries and Bible colleges, but never see the mystery behind the words? Because they are interpreting it with their limited knowledge, disregarding the Author’s opinion. It would be as though they were teaching about the love letters from one person to another.

They can teach the mechanics, the style, the historical significance . . . but they will never understand the mystery of the love between the two . . . unless one of them reveals it. God’s word is a love letter to his church . . . to his believers. He has hidden truths in there, just for his beloved, as they pray for revelation as they read.

There are many verses that say the meanings will be revealed in time, to those who are seeking a deeper understanding of God’s heart.

I am glad they don’t teach the Bible in public school, because there is only one Teacher qualified for that job . . . the One who penned it .. .the Holy Spirit.

This is Nina May suggesting that if we want to learn the mysteries of God’s Word . . . we have to let Him teach us.