A Sensitive Army . . . now that’s just what America needs . . . oh boy!

The Army is mandating homosexual sensitivity training.

I never thought I would ever hear the words “Army” and “sensitivity” in the same sentence. But there might be good news in this ridicules mandate.

This sudden interest in being sensitive to the more “feminine” side of man might be extended to the real woman. That might mean no more pornography in the PX, no more foul language and blonde bimbo jokes, no more movies that aren’t sensitive to everyone’s feelings.

Then they can turn in their very offensive guns, ditch those mean, insensitive bombs, and all sit around singing Kumbaya and feel good about being so . . . sensitive.

What again is the purpose of the military, and why does the Pentagon keep insisting it needs more money? Money for what . .. to train their men to be weenies?

It seems as though they have forgotten why they exist. What would General Patton say I wonder? I know what General George Washington would do. He would enlist his own army from the citizens, form a militia, and throw off the bonds of politically correct tyranny.

This is Nina May, longing for the good old days when men were men . . not sensitive, pseudo-women, cry babies. Sorry . . .I failed sensitivity training.