Cross Dressers and Cross-Voters Keep Everybody Guessing

Do you know that most of the Republican primaries are open to everyone, no matter what party they belong to?

That means that the person who never votes for anything can become an active voice for one second. They can determine the outcome of a race just by voting for the person who would be the worst candidate… to give their guy the edge.

I have even voted in primaries of parties I didn’t belong to. If the invitation is open, why not try and have an impact. Remember… politics is a full contact sport… without shoulder pads or helmets. That is what the process is all about.

What I find exciting is that it totally confuses both sides. Nothing is definite… nothing is certain. No matter what the polls say . .. they can never predict the outcome of any race when the people voting have a hidden agenda.

So the primaries… for the democrats and republicans… are nothing more than additional fodder for media stories that in no way reflect the “true” will of the people. Only that will be seen on election day.

This is Nina May encouraging everyone to keep the pollsters guessing. Don’t let your vote be taken for granted.