God Still Wants to Visit Our Hearts After He Already Knows What’s in Them

When you fly over a city or country . .. no matter how poor it is . .. it always looks better from the air. Then when you get in a car and drive through the same town, you are shocked by the contrast as though it can’t be the same place you just flew over.

That is how God sees us all the time .. .after He has landed and seen how imperfect we are . .. but His image of us is air-borne. He sees the vastness of our hearts, the depth of our character, the terrain of our personalities and the flowing rivers of love we are looking to share with others.

We are the ones tripping over the mundane, failing to see our potential, refusing to accept that we have a destiny that is a beautiful landscape of ideas, creativity and dreams. But nothing is hidden from God . .. He gets the birds- eye view of our potential plus a nostril full of our depravity . . . and He still loves us.

Maybe we need to change our perspective of God and see that He cares about the mundane, but beckons us to a higher calling. Nothing is too difficult or far away for God to handle. If we just let Him land on our airfields to help show us the way to higher altitudes . . . and . . . attitudes.

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