Hillary Clinton running for Senate

Hillary Clinton has finally made it official. She will be running for the U.S. Senate from New York.

Many people think she is qualified, even though she has never lived in New York, but was raised in Illinois. They think that even though she has never held an elected office, just being a lawyer qualifies her. They feel that because she is an advocate for women and children and has a respected voice in the nation, written books, traveled the world, that she is qualified. They think that because she is recognized as a courageous advocate and activist against injustice, that she is qualified to run for U.S. Senate from a state she has never lived in.

That is actually wonderful news. That means that these same people have just declared that Phyllis Schlafly should be the next Senator from New York. She shares exactly the same credentials as Hillary . . .with one exception. She earned her notoriety and position in American politics . . . she didn’t use her husband and his position to establish herself politically.

Ironically . . . Phyllis is the real feminist of the two. I wonder if they would vote for her?

Who you would vote for the Senate. . . Hillary Clinton or Phyllis Schlafly?