It Depends on the Definition!

Are conservatives really a fringe group?

Did you know: That over 60 million households in America have guns?

That 53% of all people believe abortion is wrong and over 90% believe that partial birth abortion should be illegal? Eighty percent want tax cuts and feel government wastes too much money? Seventy percent want a choice in their kids education?

So according to these statistics, the vast majority of the American people are conservatives . . . whether they know it or not. M

aybe the reason they don’t know it, or identify themselves as such, is that the term has been so maligned.

Even Bradley accused Al Gore of, gasp, sounding too conservative . . . as though the indictment was that he beat Tipper.

In South Carolina, there was much hand wringing by the pundits that McCain and Bush were appealing to the conservative vote. As though it was a fringe group of radicals that shouldn’t even have the right to vote.

So the smart money is on the political team who can identify their base, reject stereotypes and realize the safest special interest group to play to . . . is the individual by just speaking the truth . . .and showing leadership.