Jesus Came to Divide Flesh From Spirit . . . it sounds deadly . . .but it really GIVES life!

I know a woman who rejected God, the Bible and Christianity because of a verse in it where Jesus says he came to divide father from son, brother from brother.

This very spiritual verse was read and translated with the mind of man. Jesus is speaking of the type of division that occurs when a young man or woman leaves their home, separate themselves from their families and join together as one in holy union. This is the type of union he calls us too . .. a holy union, the bride with the bridegroom . . . where the spiritual bond between us and God is stronger than any blood bonds we have every known on earth.

The Word divides flesh from spirit so that we can truly reflect His perfect and complete love for those around us. Until we die to self we will never live . . .

All of these are mysteries in the Bible that can’t be explained with the head . . . only with the heart and the interpretation of the One who wrote it.

Ironically, this woman’s wrong misinterpretation of that verse was what estranged her from her son her whole life . . . because she refused to allow the son to have that intimate relationship with Christ. That was the division Christ spoke of . . . but it was not caused by Him. It was caused by a rejection of Him.