OSHA Restrictions on People Who Work From Home… Does that Include the White House?

There has been quite a stir over a proposed OSHA regulation that leaked before it could be attached to some obscure bill. It basically said that employers would be responsible for the working conditions of employees who worked from their home.

So if McDonald’s can be sued for a cup of hot coffee balanced between a customer’s legs… imagine the implications for breakfast in the home of an employee. But I think the reason it was quickly rescinded was because they realized that the White House would fall under that category.

Because the President works for the people… his employer… and he works from his home… the White House… he would come under that regulation.

OSHA would have to ensure that knee pads were issued to interns should their duty require time on their knees. They would curtail the distribution of tobacco products to minors… lit or unlit.

I am sure the decision had nothing to do with the opinion that what a president did in the privacy of his own home was his own business. If that’s the case… then OSHA would never get to suggest this silly regulation again. But keep an eye on them in case they try.