Presidential Elections Bring out the Treasure Hunters

Have you ever seen people walking up and down the beach looking for coins or jewelry with a metal detector? They know it is there somewhere.

The recent State of the Union speech reminded me of that. As we get closer to another presidential election, it is imperative for all the candidates, and their respective parties, to start putting the metal to the beach and finding out where the treasure is.

After seven years of rejecting any tax cuts… In fact, raising taxes, increasing spending, increasing government control… now President Clinton is talking about cutting taxes, reducing the marriage tax, and giving a college tuition credit.

All good Republican ideas. But just in case the treasure is over the dune… he is also promising to spend more money, raise taxes and fund every government whim known to man.

So instead of relying on the metal detector to let off that little high pitched beep beep beep, when he gets close to the treasure… the voters will have to do that. The beep will let him know he is over someone else’s property… or it will let him know that he has hit a gold mine of political support.

So it is up to the voters to beep… one way or the other. This is Nina May beeping to return the treasure to its rightful owners.