Racism is a Monster That Needs Regular Feeding . . . Even if the Food is a Phantom

Recently, I debated the issue of racism in America at GWU. The moderator of the debate, Armstrong Williams, is a dear friend. We even co-hosted a T.V. show called American Renaissance.

My position during the debate was that there is racism, but it can be solved with mutual respect, love, understanding and letting God change the hearts of man.

As I came down to the stage after begin introduced, Armstrong bowed to me as a gesture of respect and deep friendship, and then we embraced.

This gesture, from a black man to a white woman actually became an issue during the debates, many calling him an Uncle Tom for bowing to a white woman.

Would that accusation have been leveled at him for bowing to Queen Elizabeth, since millions of men, black and white have bowed to her? But it showed me the sad pettiness of racism that has kept us in bondage as a nation.

Until we collectively and individually decide that we are not defined by our past but by what we determine ourselves to be today then we will always be in bondage.

Slavery may be a thing of the past, but it is alive in the minds of those who refuse to let their hearts by freed by God’s love.