Snow Separates the Men From Big Brother

In Washington, D.C. we just experienced the worst blizzard of the century.

Boy, that sounds so historic. The federal government was shut down for two days. I am not complaining. It makes me long for snow year round. But what is amazing… is how you can see in an emergency, what government functions are necessary, and which ones aren’t.

Government jobs that keep America moving and productive . . . those are good . . . like the snow plow guys. Jobs that stop growth, productivity, entrepreneurship and creativity . . . are defined as unessential.

It is sad that it takes a snow storm to perfectly illustrate the benefits of the free market and the detriments of bureaucratic supremacy.

No matter how high snow gets, the gas is pumped, the bread is sold, the coffee is ground, the snow stuff is sold, the papers are printed, the news is made, the anchors are coifed, the tollbooths are manned . . . but the government can’t seem to function.

Some have said it’s because they would tie up traffic if they came in. Two points . .. if government workers are so many that they tie up traffic .. .they are TOO many . . . and why is the private sector not tying up traffic but still functioning? What is an essential government worker? You tell me . .. we are at