We Need a Score Board to Keep Track of Hypocrisies in This Presidential Election

In any election year the double standards seem to triple.

George Bush is castigated for speaking at a University that legally promotes a religious philosophy. That doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree with it… any more than they have to agree with Al Sharpton’s racists comments that don’t seem to keep Hillary Clinton and Al Gore from embracing both the message and the messenger.

And, before he dropped out of the primary, Gary Bauer personified the extreme religious right, but since embracing McCain, the media portrays him as a moderate.

Bill Bradley, who is supposed to be the voice of reason says that Dr. Laura “makes him sick to his stomach.” She should not be allowed to have a TV show because she believes the homosexual lifestyle is destructive. He says, “Dr. Laura represents a homophobic extreme that indicates a deep-seated, border on hatred.”

Apparently his statement against her wouldn’t fall into that category. So men who support men who want to marry only men is ok, while a school that supports whites who only want to marry whites is not?

This is going to be an interesting year . .. if we can just keep track of all the hypocrisies.