When Productivity is the Enemy… No One is Safe… Especially the Economy

We have all heard the myth that the Republican party is run or influenced by “big business.” But what does that mean?

Does that mean a baseball player who signs a $110 million dollar contract is big business? Or a movie star who pulls down $50 million for a movie is a Republican? Or are they speaking of corporations that employ millions of people across the country, who then pay up to 40% of their income in taxes so that the government can hire millions more?

In spite of the fact that the average donation for the Democratic party is over four times the average donation to the Republicans, and union workers have become cheap pawns of the multi-million dollar “big business” unions, these stereotypes still prevail.

What we should do, is look at the country without big business. Big is identified as any employer with over 20 employees. The economy would come to a screeching halt, the tax surplus would evaporate, and all the people who now throw stones at companies that keep bread on their table, would be too busy looking for jobs, to continue spreading this falsehood.

We have two basic choices politically .. .to support the givers or the takers. You figure out which party is which.