Doesn’t the First Amendment Allow You To Protect the Second Amendment?

The liberal media is just not going to rest until they get everyone to agree that what Wayne LaPierre said about Clinton was outrageous. That he accepted a certain level of violence in the country to further his agenda.

Well, the truth is sometimes outrageous, but it’s odd, that they have never pressured anyone else to disavow their “outrageous” statements.

Remember when the Republicans were equated with Nazis during the school lunch program debate? Remember when Clinton said he loathed the military? Remember when Clinton said, on several occasions, that the religious right makes him sick and he hates what they stand for? And both Clinton and Gore continue to say that returning your hard earned tax dollars to you in the form of a tax cut is a “risky scheme”. Gore even called it “economic snake oil”

But that aside, what is really interesting, is that the media . . . which constantly fights against any kind of censorship in their profession, is working so hard to silence a man who is doing nothing more than protecting the integrity of the 2nd Amendment . . . while invoking the privilege of the 1st Amendment.

Just how biased is the media? It’s hard to say when 91% are self-proclaimed liberals.