If the Movies Can Say it, Why Can’t Everyone Else?

The movie industry always seems to have a reason why they should not be held to the same politically correct standards as everyone else.

They want the right to show anything, but will not shoulder any responsibility for what their movies teach. They claim that it is artistic and it reflects society but denounce anyone in society who does things shown in their movies.

In spite of political correctness, society is continuing to pack weapons, smoke cigarettes, do drugs, break the law, use the “N” word. So is that a reflection of society or not?

I let my nine-year-old son see the first three minutes of a movie to hear the opening music by his favorite composer. Before I could hit the controls… he heard the “N” word for the first time in his life. I told him it was not a nice word and not to use it. He asked what it meant. I told him it was a very bad word that people used in the past, for people of color. He said, “Well he just used it.”

If my response was, it’s just a movie, not reality, it undermines the industry’s claim that they are reflecting reality. So maybe the answer is that the politically correct liberals in the entertainment industry hold themselves accountable to the same standards they hold the rest of the country to.

Stop hiding behind artistic license to perpetuate stereotypes about groups of people, while denying they are promoting this behavior. Otherwise I have to tell my son the industry is full of hypocrites with two sets of standards