Liberals Need to Read the Bible More … They Have the Story Wrong

Liberals of every persuasion are quick to denounce and summarily silence the views of Christians because they are . . .in their opinion… intolerant, bigoted, homophobic, sexists.

But if you read the reference manual they use to draw these conclusions… they are really saying these things about Jews.  The Old Testament . . . the Jewish part . . . the one before Christ . . . was pretty darn intolerant.

God, literally, took no prisoners.

He would order the mass slaughter of any tribe or nation that fooled with His chosen people. He had zero patience for immorality . . . of any kind, and even killed a righteous man just trying to stabilize the Arch of the Covenant.

He destroyed a couple of cities that openly practiced homosexuality.

Hey, I didn’t write this book . . . don’t kill the messenger.

Christ on the other hand said, “Judge not, love your neighbor as yourself, get the log out of your eye”… etc. etc.

So it is a little odd that the left is constantly picking on Christians for being intolerant when they really mean Jews are intolerant. But they don’t have the courage to say that… because that’s what Hitler said.

Maybe liberals should just back off, stop judging, and just learn to live and let live, unless they think we need another holocaust. Because that’s where their brand of intolerance leads.