One Person Can Make a Difference

We have heard many times that one person can make a difference. But what kind of difference?

Margaret Sanger, Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler, all born within a few years of each other, have been collectively responsible for over 100 million deaths. They certainly made a difference.

On the other hand, Mother Teresa touched and healed thousands of souls and was mourned the world over when she died last year.

And the one person that affected her life, to give her the love and the compassion to touch the millions, was Jesus Christ.

We all have the power within our grasps to make a difference . . . either for good or for evil.

We can choose to harness the abilities, gifts and strengths that God has given us to help . . . or we can use them to destroy.

We can be the leaders with an agenda for good, or followers who allow a wicked agenda to destroy us. We are each responsible for our own actions and consequences.

No one should say in a free and open society . . . with free and open elections . . . that they can’t make a difference.

Your chance is coming up Nov. 3 . . . take it.