The Perverts are Packaging Their Candy Differently These Days…Funded by Your Tax Dollars

Most parents teach their kids not take candy from strangers. Well, it seems as though we need to apply that same lesson to the classroom.

Students in a California high school English class are being shown “highly objectionable, materials that graphically deal with perverse sexual and violent subjects,” according to the Pacific Justice Institute.

Subjects “include unmentionable sexual behavior, watching women in strip clubs, access to adult bookstores and obtaining fake IDs.

In a daily journal exercise that is part of the students’ grade, the students were reportedly instructed to address the question, ’If you could murder anyone, who would it be, and how would you do it? Children who objected to the material have experienced verbal and written threats, by other students and the instructor.”

Why are these children sitting and taking this abuse? Why aren’t parents applying the same principals to these teachers as they do to strangers who approach their children to hurt them?

They need to teach their kids that a stranger is not always someone you don’t know… but someone who doesn’t respect your personal rights and beliefs.

This is Nina May hoping that kids will refuse this poison “candy” and run to safety.