The Things We Do For Fame . . .

Annabel Chong has become a celebrity, in fact a documentary is going to be done of her life. That’s impressive.

She must have done something really historic and noteworthy. Did she discover a cure for cancer? Invent some new technology? Did she help relieve the suffering of millions, ala Mother Teresa?

No . . . her claim to fame is that she had sex with 251 men . . . in 10 hours . . . on camera. To put it bluntly, she is a porn star. But don’t judge her . . . instead compare this scenario . . . with the two bare-breasted women on the mall during Promise Keepers with 1.2 million men who could have easily helped these girls break Annabel’s record.

But instead they offered these women their coats, diverted their eyes, prayed for them, respected them, even though the women didn’t respect themselves.

So we can’t be judgmental of Annabel since there were 251 men willing and waiting to defile her.

The biggest culprit is society that feels the debasement of one woman is worthy of a documentary . . . while they chastise a group of men who would respect and honor two women who flaunt themselves in front of them and their kids.

We can’t judge Annabel . .. as a society, we have to judge ourselves. This is Nina May at