Time for Another American Revolution This Time it Will Be Bloodless and Silent

The democrats, are by anyone’s definition, the establishment.

They are the entrenched status quo who have fed a bloated bureaucracy to the point that it has taken on a life of its own.

What is ironic though, is that it is run by the sixties liberals who were anti-establishment, anti-government, anti-military, anti- anything that resembled law and order. But they cleverly continue to paint the Republicans, in particular the conservatives, as those with entrenched power.

Conservatives do make up the majority of the American public, if you look at the issues and dissect each one based on the level of support.

But they are by nature . . . wary of big government, and support the rights of the individual to determine their own destiny, and set their own agenda.

They are the true revolutionaries. Perhaps that is why so many young people are naturally embracing conservative philosophies because the natural progression of youth is through a stage of rebellion.

You can put any label you want to on it . . . and attach whatever meaning . . .but the facts are . . . .the old way of doing things . . . status quo liberalism . . . is old news and being a conservative is far more revolutionary.”