When Blessings Can Be Cursed By Those Receiving Them

Since when is giving a blessing considered a curse?

An employee of Microsoft is from a culture and community that frequently, and habitually, blesses those they come in contact with.

She would even sign her work with a salutation that suggested she was blessing the person receiving it . . .and one recipient complained.

The woman, an African-American, explained that this was how she was raised, and it is how she has always greeted people . .. with a blessing.

She obviously is still covered by the First Amendment that allows her to express herself . . . by apparantly not on the job … and not if it in anyway suggests that there is a higher being.

She refused to back down saying that she has always done this, and there is nothing wrong with blessing people. I guess they want her to sign her notes, “a pox on all your houses.”

Are people that afraid of being blessed, acknowledging that there is someone who can bless them and that there is another human being concerned that they are blessed?

This truly is form over substance and has reduced a kind act to one of lawlessness. Should this woman have lost her job for this?

Are we that sensitive as a people that we can not accommodate a kind and gentle word without taking offense because it does not align with our own belief system. What if she had signed her notes Shalom?

This is merely a reflection of the diversity the left is always speaking of promoting. It is sad in this society that a woman’s blessings come back to her as curse from a country that bills itself as the beacon of freedom, truth and justice.