When Grieving the Loss of a Child is Not Acceptable

Over 40 million babies have been aborted in America since the Supreme Court decided a woman has that right. But a right that wasn’t attached to the ruling, was the right to grieve.

No one wants to hear a woman go on and on about how old the baby would be today, or listen to her wonder about what he or she would look like. But it is acceptable, even embraced when a child whose name was given, picture was taken and body was cuddled, to be grieved in death.

Many will argue that the woman has no right to grieve since she was the one who aborted the baby. Well, actually a doctor aborted the baby and in the vast majority of circumstances it was under pressure by a third party. But that aside, why is she not allowed to accept the fact that her baby was killed in utero, and it is a great loss to her now?

Grieving is a natural process of loss, and the loss of a child through abortion is just as real as losing one in life… even though the grieving is alone and without support from others.

I challenge these grieving mothers to let their baby’s death count for something, and warn other women considering abortion, of the pain they will bear for a life-time. It’s a cinch the abortion industry won’t.