Why Can’t Citizens Protect Themselves like the President?

If Al Gore and Bill Clinton are so concerned about guns in this country they would immediately dismiss their secret service agents who are armed and according to Al and Bill — dangerous.

Oh, not them? Why is it OK for the Commander in Chief to be surrounded by armed guards while he discusses shredding the constitution and not allowing his “fellow” Americans to just defend themselves?

What about the single woman who lives in apartment alone?  Isn’t her life just as precious as the President’s? And what does he think would happen in America if there were no guns ?  That we would all live in peace and harmony?  No more attacks in public library parking lots with crow bars and sticks? No more throwing bricks at people’s heads, busting ice-skaters knee caps, stabbing and killing rape victims?

No, the mayhem, that he contends exists ONLY because guns are legal, would not only continue, but intensify against innocent victims. If Clinton really believed in gun control, tell him to dismiss his private army that insulates him from the real world, while the rest of the country has to deal with his justice department’s lenient sentencing of criminals that use guns.