Why Stop at Guns? Ban Every Potential Weapon, including Fists and Seatbelts

The anti-gun advocates have a hard time hiding their smug glee every time a gun is used in an unfortunate tragedy. They pull out their tired speeches about the gun being the enemy of the people, and additional laws being the only way to protect them.

This, in spite of the fact that dozens of gun laws are broken every time a gun is used to kill someone. But what about rules against screwdrivers?

Where are the grand speeches saying we should ban screwdrivers after the death of one student in Houston by another who stabbed him in the head with one?

What about seatbelts? The little six-year-old boy who was dragged to his death when his mom’s car was stolen, was caught in his seat belt. A feature required by law, to be worn by every passenger. Should the government be responsible for this boy’s death?

What about the little 12-year-old Russian girl on her tenth day in America who is sexually harassed by a 14-year-old boy and then beaten up and disfigured? What about banning fists in school?

Because obviously, it was not the screwdriver, the seatbelt, the fists that cause deaths or mayhem… any more than it is the gun. It was the people misusing them.