Will Someone Tell the ACLU to Chill Out?

What exactly does the ACLU really want? What is their agenda? They are like that little kid in school who tattles on everyone, and no one complains because they might be the next target. But enough is enough with the whining faction of the gestapo brigade.

They sent a letter to the coach of the University of Colorado basketball team DEMANDING that he call an end to the tradition of team prayer, saying they have received twenty complaints. Who from? From the players who VOLUNTARILY kneel at the end of practice?

Is it not their constitutionally protected right to pray? Would they be happier if the team swapped pornography in the name of free speech? Just what does the ACLU want?

It can’t be about free speech because every time a Christian is discriminated against . . . they are silent. They should stop hiding behind the First Amendment and just admit . . . they don’t like religious expression. But they are too late . . . the founding fathers guaranteed freedom against bottom feeders who would deny that freedom.

This is Nina May suggesting the ACLU just take a deep breath . . . and count to ten, and be thankful they have the right to be irritating tattletales.