Contrast the Art of Freedom and Tyranny

When touring the great museums of the old Soviet Union, 10 years ago, I could not help but compare their art to the art in American museums.

The best artifacts on display in their museums were items made over 200 years ago, when U.S. independence from England was still a dream. Our treasures from that same era show struggle, hardship, toil and endurance, while their’s show affluence, comfort, and excessiveness reserved for a small elite class.

Today, however, the roles have switched. America was carved from the wilderness with the will power, faith and determination of a group of people who abandoned their wealth in favor of freedom. This freedom then provided the people the opportunity to actualize their God-given potential and goals.

The same freedom that was denied to people whose only function in life was to serve the state. As a result, the modern wealth reflected in America is a consequence of a realized spirit of individuality and self-expression.

This is Nina May and the Renaissance Women reminding Americans that where free men flourish with God’s blessings, abundance and grace abound.