It Won’t be Long Before a College Degree is Worth Less Than the Paper it is Printed On

San Diego State University is taking a very unique approach in educating its would-be teachers in multi-culturalism.

Oh, that’s wonderful you say. That must mean they are traveling the world to see abject poverty in totalitarian countries; religious persecution where people are sold into slavery because of their beliefs; and cultures torn apart by culture wars that have lasted for centuries. They will see manufactured famines by dictators who care about power instead of their people; women suffering genital mutilation; children sold by their parents into brothels to keep food on the table.

No? Not that kind multi-culturalism? The kind that could really change the world and save a life? Oh, you mean the liberal type that only includes trips to homosexual bars, and forcing these “teachers” to pretend to be homosexual for a day. Now isn’t that enlightened?

It is too bad these would-be teachers don’t learn to think for themselves and expand their own horizons. It is even more unfortunate that someone is going to give their hard earned money to be indoctrinated by these Stepford teachers of the liberal establishment who don’t have the courage to explore the real world, and realize their form of multi-culturalism is self-centered and none-existent in the real world where people are just trying to survive.