Kids are Only Good in a Political Debate

For Many, Kids are Only Good in a Political Debate But Don’t Deserve Equal Rights


The U.S. congress had a debate over their Chaplain. Not whether to appoint one or not . . . but what denomination he should represent.

The U.S. Supreme Court begins its sessions by reminding everyone that “God saves the United States and the court” . . . they also ask for God’s help.”

Almost all of the older federal buildings in Washington, D.C. have some mention of a creator, a supreme being, God, Jesus, Moses, the Ten Commandments or other indications that this nation was formed Under God.

So . . . our leaders are free to acknowledge God and even begin their sessions by invoking His name. So what are the children of America? Chopped liver?

Why does a case have to even come before the Supreme Court to decide whether a child can voluntarily say a prayer before an event as in the case in Sante Fe, Texas.

For all the posturing the politicians do out of feigned concerned for children . .. you would think at least one would say these children are entitled to the same rights that we have . . . which is to pray.

A lot less harm will come to them by praying, than having to defend themselves against other kids who have been told there is no God, and there are no consequences to their actions.